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Short Summer Course Contents
Hand–Built Ceramics
3 days, Saturday 15, Sunday 16 & Saturday 29 July, 9.30am to 4.30pm
The first two days of this workshop you will make several coil built pots, slab built pots and mould made plates and dishes. On the first day you will start three coil built pots and also roll out clay for making slab-built pots. The second day will see the coiled pots finished and the slab built pots assembled and decorated with incised or applied decoration. If time allows on this day several mould made plates and dishes could be made.
When pots are dry they can be fired and then decorated on the third day of the course. Different methods of decorating can be explored.

Mono Printmaking
Wednesday 19 July, 9.30am to 4.30pm
This one day course will enable you to explore the exciting techniques of mono-printing. Working from your own source material and some inspirational images provided, you will be using oil based printing inks and vegetable oil for cleaning up should you be allergic to white spirit.
You may explore additive and subtractive processes and monochrome and colour to create interesting effects.

Abstract Sculpture
Thursday 20 July, 9.30am to 4.30pm
Enjoy creating your own abstract sculpture by exploring convex and concave interlocking forms.  You will be sculpting in Earth-stone crank clay which is well suited for large fired works.
Materials and tools will be provided as well as source material.

Drawing and Painting including en plein air
Friday 21 July and Friday 28 July, 9.30am to 4.30pm (individual 1-day courses)
A course tailored to individual needs and interests.  A range of source images will be supplied and the garden is attractive with interesting vistas for en plein air painting, if weather permits and you are inspired to venture outside despite the ants!  You may use any medium including mixed. Please feel free to bring your own equipment such as canvasses and sketch book.
A range of papers and media is available for drawing and painting.

Portrait Sculpture
2 days, Saturday 22 July & Sunday 23 July, 9.30am to 4.30pm
A model with a striking head or a model with a face full of character will be the subject of your portrait sculpture for this two day course. You will be encouraged to explore modelling methods and enjoy careful observation to enable you to achieve a good likeness. Sculptures will be life size or scaled up to account for shrinkage in firing.
Finished portrait heads will be hollowed out for firing. Materials and basic modelling tools are supplied.

Animal Sculpture
Wednesday 2 August, 9.30am to 12.00pm
This half day course is for children and adults. Working from images or imagination you will model in clay an animal of your choice- mammal, bird, fish or dinosaur or any imaginary beast.

Dragons and Castles in Clay
Wednesday 2 August, 1.30pm to 4.30pm
A fun event for children (and accompanying adults), an opportunity  to make in clay mythical dragons and fabulous castles. You may wish to bring along books, illustrations or models. Come along and enjoy the chance to allow your imagination to run riot. The results will be fired and can be coloured later.
Materials and basic modelling tools are supplied.

Felt Making
Thursday 3 August, 9.30am to 4.30pm
Make a piece of felt which could be used as a cushion or small rug. You will use dyed and natural wools which can be layered and fashioned to give exciting textures and patterns. Felt making can be a little strenuous and the wool has to be fiercely agitated by doing the ‘Twist’ in bare feet.
Essential materials are supplied.

Life Drawing
Friday 4 & Friday 18 August, 9.30am to 4.30pm (individual 1-day courses)
Life drawing is valuable for improving your understanding of the human form, your powers of observation and thereby to advance your drawing abilities. You will be encouraged to work big and bold in a variety of different media of your choice.
Paper and some drawing materials will be provided. Feel free to bring along your own equipment and materials.

Life Sculpture
2 days, Saturday 5 August & Sunday 6 August, 9.30am to 4.30pm
You will be using Earth-stone crank clay and working directly from the model. Full figure sculptures will be scaled down for firing and works produced will need to be hollowed. Fragment works such as of feet or hands may be full size. Representational, stylised and abstract interpretations are encouraged. The sculptural elements of mass, shape, proportions, rhythm and balance will all be explored.
You may wish to bring an overall or a plastic coated apron.

Cabbage and Leaf Dishes
Wednesday 9 August, 1.30pm to 4.30pm
This is your chance to make a series of dishes in clay in a variety of shapes and sizes. Actual leaves can be impressed into the clay and held in shape within a plaster mould. This is a simple and effective way of making colourful, decorative and useful ceramic pieces. The dishes will be glazed during the session.

Figurative Mono Printmaking
Thursday 17 August, 9.30am to 4.30pm
This one day course will enable you to explore the exciting techniques of mono-printing, with an emphasis on working with figurative subjects.  Please bring along any life drawings or photographs that you have. Some additional images of life models will be provided. You will be using oil based printing inks and vegetable oil for cleaning up should you be allergic to white spirit.
You may explore additive and subtractive processes and monochrome and colour to create interesting effects.

Wheel Pottery
3 days, Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 August, & Saturday 9 September
The studio has as yet only two Shimpo Whisper wheels and places on this course are restricted to two people, so please book early to secure your place. This offers a wonderful opportunity for those with little previous experience. You will be given intensive tuition with lots of individual guidance. Much practice will be done on the first day with turning and finishing methods developed on the second. Different types of clay are available.
Materials and basic tools are supplied.

History of Art Lectures
An entertaining and informative series of lectures by John Hayward who has many years experience in delivering the History of Art course at South Staffordshire College, Lichfield and elsewhere. The six lectures explore aspects of art from the late 19thcentury to the present day.

Abstract Expressionism
Abstract Expressionism was America’s first 20th century avant-garde movement and during the Cold War the work was used in international exhibitions to represent American values of freedom, the individual and self-expression. Half of the leading artists of this movement took their own lives.  

Pop Art
Pop Art was a celebration of a new age of consumerism in 60’s America and England. It drew upon mass media for its inspiration and source material, replacing the Madonna and Child image with a reproduction of a can of Campbell soup. Andy Warhol believed everyone should be famous for fifteen minutes.
Feminism in Art
The absence of women practitioners in Western art was not addressed until the 1970s. The reasons were largely discriminatory and reflected the status of women in Western society. The three decades leading up to the millennium were a crucial time for the development of feminist issues and for female artists.  

Young British Artists
The ‘Sensation’ exhibition organised by Charles Saatchi at the Royal Academy in 1997 showcased the work of what became known as the YBA or Young British Artists with Damien Hurst as it’s figure head and suggested London was the most creatively exciting place to be in the 90s for fine art practice.

Modernism (with a capital M) was an ideological and linear narrative that explained the development of modern art from the 1860s to the 1960s as some kind of automatous drive towards pure self-referential abstract art and design that had rid itself of all external reference not inherent to itself.   

The term Post-Modernism refers to what came after Modernism. It represents a trend that rejects any single narrative or universal truth for how things are or should be. From the 1960s architects, artists and designers felt free to reference and combine ideas from any source and in any form ‘high’ or ‘low’.
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