Morning/afternoon class: £ 288.00
Evening class: £ 240.00
Current term April 25, 2022 until July 22, 2022
Half term the week commencing May 30, 2022

Pottery and Sculpture

Work with clay, fashioning ‘mud’ to make useful and imaginary artworks.
Create figurative, floral, pictorial or abstract pieces.
Experiment with decorative techniques, glazes and other ceramic methods.

Stonehouse student Dog head


Experiment with a variety of clays and glazes to design and develop your own ideas in ceramics, from functional pots to decorative artworks.
This course gives you the opportunity to explore ways of making ceramics including:

  • Pinching pot making
  • Coiled pot making
  • Slab pot making
  • Throwing on the potter’s wheel
  • How to use a mould
Experiment with terracotta, stoneware, crank and porcelain clays. .
Decorative techniques using incised marks, slip trailing, sprigging, inlaying, sgraffito, piercing and much more can be used. Underglaze pigments and oxides can be used on bisque and glaze applied using dipping and pouring methods and a selection of brush-on glazes are available. .
The pottery course is suitable for both beginners and experienced potters. Finished artworks will be charged by weight. Please wear overalls or work clothes.


The course is based on projects of interest to each individual. The aim is to encourage creative skills and through careful observation an understanding of form and shapes will develop along with the ability to be more critically aware.
Methods of making sculptures involve adding clay and cutting away. The final pieces will be hollowed and then fired to bisque (1000 degrees C). Paint effects or ceramic finishes can be then be used experimentally.
Sculpture at Stonehouse studios is suitable for beginners and experienced artists. All materials and tools are supplied. You may wish to bring your own tools. Materials costs will be extra to the cost of the course. For large sculptures clay can be purchased for you to start your work of art, and the additional cost of firing and glazing added as appropriate. Smaller artworks will be charged by weight. Please wear overalls or work clothes.

Drawing and Art

Explore portraits, scenes, flowers – things imaginary or real. Create the illusion of three dimensional forms or develop shapes and patterns. Experiment with a range of media and techniques, embrace tone and colour.
Beautiful rose painting

During the course you will be encouraged to explore the techniques appropriate to the medium or media of your choice, such as: pencils, charcoal, pastels, acrylics, oil paints, watercolours, gouache and collage. Learn about tone and colour and how to mix colours.
Subjects could include: portraiture, figure studies, still life, sea and landscapes, trees and flowers, natural objects, pattern and abstraction. Work from real images or from your imagination.

Basic drawing and painting materials are supplied. You are invited, should you wish, to bring your own drawing and painting materials. Bring along your source ideas, images which are of interest to you to work from. Please wear overalls or work clothes.

Short Courses

Short courses will be running during July and August 2021 or at weekends by arrangement in advance.
Student summer school flowers

Short courses will be running during July and August 2021 or at weekends by arrangement in advance. A provisional list if subjects:

  • Learn to throw
  • Still life painting
  • Mono printmaking
  • Cabbage plate and dish making
  • Flower painting abstract painting
  • Abstract sculpture
  • Make a clay portrait, either in the round or relief of someone special
You are invited to make suggestions for other courses.


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